Continua HA: TM roadmap

The new report from Continua Health Alliance is devoted to the Innovation Working Group (IWG) in Asian Experiences.

Very good summary entitle: Roadmap for telemedicine.  That include advises of how to organize a telemedicine project as well as some principles to know.

We miss several things that I will explain you:

1.- The Health 4.0 concept of anytime-anywhere-anything interaction with all innovations of the IoE, KoD (knowledge on Demand), KBL (knowledge base learning), AI etc…

2.- To see all new technological standards such as Bluetooth v.4.1 capable to behave as a hub and periferal, FHIR to substitute HL7….

4.- The Open & Modular trend for DIY (do it yourself)

3.- Principles as Gobal Health-care & delocalization of health care with premises totally different from USA licence recognition, since when you teleconsult what you are doing is a “transportation of the patient electronically where the consultant is placed”, therefore no other licence for practice medicine is required since the consultant is licenced in his original place.

4.- Introduction using the new technologies about the Minimum Requirement for a Telehealth with QoC (Quality of care) in each medical speciality.

and finally the most important

5.- Say NO to bureaucrats & YES to direct care, start a value-based healthcare (VBH)  founded on patient sucess.

But I understant that maybe a Roadmap is not the the place to introduce those item. In any case, it should be read.

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