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Wiring and pissed off

Or the spanish translation “cableado y cabreado” which has a better rima. Everyone will agree that we cannot live wich such a paraphernalia of wearables that bring us to become distracted, laziness or better procastrinators. Health 4.0 with wearables and healthcare anytime, anything, anywhere, anyhow will not be available untill non-intrusive forgetable wearables will be in […]

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Continua HA: TM roadmap

The new report from Continua Health Alliance is devoted to the Innovation Working Group (IWG) in Asian Experiences. Very good summary entitle: Roadmap for telemedicine.  That include advises of how to organize a telemedicine project as well as some principles to know. We miss several things that I will explain you: 1.- The Health 4.0 […]

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