Wireless medical office. Health4.0

There are numerous available and cheap solutions to build your own wireless medical office. We will list you here some of them

Wlss spirometry


Wlss ECG


SnapECG card (44)

Wlss Sthethoscope


Wlss Thermomether



Wlss US


Wlss Ophtalmoscope

will be displayed shortly

Wlss Sleep control


MD: Apple watch 4

Apple Watch 4 has recently granted as a medical device by the FDA .

This is related with the ECG capabilities. But  it does not control sleep as Samsumg, Filbit or Xiomi does.

Telepresence in medicine

There is a number of telepresence systems available for telemedicine @the hospital  that although still expensive are easy to buy.

Others in contrast can be use @home, because are smaller and less expensive.


Robotica para niños

Nuestros hijos necesitan juguetes educativos ligados a la robotica, ellos serán los que en años venideros innovaran la sanidad y la vida en general.

Our children need educational toys linked to robotics. They will be the future to innovate health and life in general.

Y nuestros hijos adolescentes tiene maravillosos juguetes que les permiten programar, algo imprescindible para su futuro.

And our teenagers have wonderful toys that allow them to program, something essential for their future.

Intelligent devices for the generation “H”

Clasification of the inteligen devices for health had been summarized in the post of TECHCRUNCH entitle “generation health” in short GEN “H” and it is as follows

Gen “H” devices

LYFE STYLE Addition Sitting Screens
LIFE TIME HEALTH CAUSES Behaviour & environment 60% Genetics


Healthcare 30%
P4 Medicine Predictive Preventive Personalized Participatory
Band 2 UV Patch

(devices are the new cure)

LIGHT THERAPY mask acn’e Lief therapeutics Sana
BABY TECH BabyNes BabyBe
NEUROTECH Sleep Work Meditation Berkeley US
BIONICS EKso Bionics ReWalk Robotics Cyberdyne SuitX

Hydrate your elders with water pearls

Joined here the video of how to hydrate your elder with water jelly pearls

And here how to do it yourself (DIY)

This will be the commercial aspect.

New iPhone gagets-1





YO HOME SPERM, clip for a Sperm test.

TYM otoscope


FREE STYLE LIBRE a non-invasive permanent glucometer

AIR SMART Spirometer


Do not forget to see the links to access in the market and also analyze the opinions in UK mail online health 

Decentralized applications- Dapps & Healthcare.

Decentralized applications- Dapps & Healthcare.

A decentralized app, or Dapp, is a web-based application that employs a decentralized, public and cryptographically empowered database system to facilitate the exchange of information among its users.

Dapp data isn’t owned or managed by any central body. All participants maintain an identical copy of all the application’s data, and any change to the data is made through a consensus. When new information is added, it is permanently stored on all computers, regardless of how many they are in the network.

dApps offer peer-to-peer data exchange, based on cryptographically enforced consensus.

Today, decentralized applications have gone from storing and managing financial transactions to virtually all forms of information, including personal identity, intellectual property, smart contracts, and of course, healthcare data.

  1. Decentralized apps promise to link hospital data systems across a shared network, so that the exchange of such information can happen in real-time, from one end to the next.
  2. In a decentralized world, all information is distributed and shared across many points on the network, which means there’s no single point of failure. Hacker attacks would therefore become a lot more difficult.
  3. Dapps could also facilitate the sharing of research, clinical trials, advanced directives and safety analyses, and therefore enhance collaboration,
  4. Patients could use personal health devices ( IoT devices) to record data and share it with medical practitioners in real time. Alternatively, instead of storing patient data, Dapps can store access controls — such as who a patient authorizes to see their health data — even when the data itself is stored in an EHR.

We are creating the foundations for a true Health 4.0 with personal small health data (SHD) feeding to a real preventive health care.

Origin information: Here’s How Dapps Can Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

AI make better doctors

Heart arrythmias can be detected more accuratly with MACHINE LEARNING techniques

“Deep learning involves feeding large quantities of data into a big simulated neural network, and fine-tuning its parameters until it accurately recognized problematic ECG signals”.

And the case is that AI is better and detect irregularities before a doctor can detect it. Furthermore the machine is always with the patient and therefore is not left just to the moment where a doctor visit is programmed.

From Indrustry 4.0 to Health 4.0

iot internet of things public domain

The fourth industrial revolution is linked to digitalization production processes by means of TICs and IoTs as well as new materials. Now the cyberphisical systems are the main issues being possible personalized mass production.

Industry 4.0 is a fusion between virtual and real world. Machines become indepent and autonomous and can be reprogramm themselves to more fast and easy reach market demands. Furthermore all this information is fully evailable on real time in all production areas.

Products are software tested and arrive to the market improving 50% speed with similar quality control. Double digital product simulation allow to test several designs in the production chain.

This increase by Exabytes de amount of information expecting to reach  up to 15.000 exabytes by 2020. For this we require extremly powerful systems capable of processing such amount of data to be able to obtain relevant information from it.

An quick and intelligent data analysis of sensors of actuators are required

Factories are getting fused and automatized allowing machines to rearange by themselves in an intelligent manner. On this environment man intelligence is over it, Ideas and functions come from humans.

This is well understood in the Industry 4.0 but it is totally disregarded in Health 4.0.

The amount of standardized processed and data and patients are imposible to be absorved by a healthcare system based on people personal work. No one is capable to face all medical innovation capable to influence peoples’s health, no one is capable to reduce waiting list, no one is capable to make decisions based on prior Artificial Intelligence analysis of all possible health data. No one want to take care of the data coming from IoT of users for health purposes, no ones is capable to fuse for the benefit of patients data coming from genetics, microbiomics, pharmacocinetics, epigenomics, image analysis data etc…

Medicine is stack with the massive new coming relevant data that specialialization requires super and extrasuper specialized people.

Machine Learning and deep learning techniques are now democratized, open source, easy to incoorporate to regular computer but the healthcare worker not only do not follow AI innovations but they fear it, blocking the possibility to speed up hospital management, follow up patients 24 hours a day, preventing complications, indicating treatment, finding solutions and relevant coincidences that could improve health, life and patients treatment in an efficient manner.

Anonimized hospital data is not shared. And personal data that belong to users for its own benefit is not used at all.

Huge changes have to be introduced in Medical training and techniques of what to do with data and how to take benefit of it is an essential one.

Virtual medicine and ubiquitous health support is the base of Health 4.0.

Why no-one is changing the way to provide health? 


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