Generation “H” devices- Metabolic Tech.

The series of post to localize the devices that are specific for the HEALTH GENERATION continue. This time includes how metabolic technology could allow you to understand your metabolic situation.




Take into consideration available devices for your asma control

Generation “H” devices- Homespital

This will be a series of post to localize the devices that are specific for the HEALTH GENERATION as already stated in previous posts. In this case for the hospital mobile and the hospital @home. Most of those non-expensive devices come from India or from developing countries.


You can get iBreat and cervAIcal from UE LIFESCIENCES

CDL – Cardiac Design Labs.
Generation “H” devices- Wellness Tech

Generation “H” devices- Wellness Tech

We already mention in previous posts the importance of IoT devices in the HEALTH GENERATION. Now is time to show you where to find those devices.


IT in babies’ confort

IT in babies’ confort

Thanks to IT solutions, babies can feel better and control reflux, relieve gas, prevent colic… The posture after feeding, the relax movement and the heart beet sound relax the baby. Here are the devices.

Mobility scooter solutions

Mobility scooter solutions

Life is getting easier for the olders that can affort a scooter mobility. For some reason the predominance to use it are man and not woman, but in any case it is a good solution for those of reduce mobility. There are a great variety of models, accesories and prices.

With a speed between 10-25 km/h the main difference is the engine power that can reach up to 1000W.

Diabetes updates- Freestyle libre

Diabetes updates- Freestyle libre

The wireless control for diabetes that creates a true freestyle is carried out by a NFC (near field contact) reading flash sensor from Abbott named Freestyle libre. Sensors read intersticial glucosa.

In Spain this NFC flash sensors are public health covered in some autonomous communities and the government want to spread it into the rest of communities for the type I diabetes patients older than 18 years.

FreeStyle libre

Diabetes updates

Diabetes updates

Joined some of the diabetes updates to take into consideration in the marketplaces. Novedades para diabéticos.


From checking the accuracy of your glucometer to the shortest insulin pen needle in the world and taking into consideration the special socks for diabetic feet.

Wireless medical office. Health4.0

There are numerous available and cheap solutions to build your own wireless medical office. We will list you here some of them

Wlss spirometry

Wlss ECG

SnapECG card (44)

Wlss Sthethoscope

Wlss Thermomether


Wlss US

Wlss Ophtalmoscope

will be displayed shortly

Wlss Sleep control

MD: Apple watch 4

Apple Watch 4 has recently granted as a medical device by the FDA .

This is related with the ECG capabilities. But  it does not control sleep as Samsumg, Filbit or Xiomi does.