Vivencial learning based on experience (LMX)

The future of our learning will be based on experience, to put you in an other way, is like you start your studies with the Master Degree. First, you should know how to do it, and thereafter, you will have time to learn the technical and scientifical bases of it. Nice, isn`t it?.

But for that, we have to change our Universities up-side-down, and what is much more complicated we have to change our politicians and authorities. Another alternative is to wait the new generations to come with the experience-first mentality. Nevertheless, in the University training professors reproduce whatever they have learn and lived in their own scale, be aware of this.

Let me explain you our own history: When we started this type of traning in the topic of “Telemedicina and Bioengineering applied to Telemedicine” in the year 1985 we were able to support the cost of the courses with EU project but since then, which means 30 years after, the University or the subsequetial academic leadering groups, were not supporting this activity. They have not considered its importance in Medicine training, nor in traning innovation. As a result had never supported it economically, they just tolerate proven that this bring money to the University. When the recesion arrive, they just cut it.

Now hopefully we are facing a new paradigm in the University. Unfortunatly I will not have time to see or to push, but in any case Vivencial learning based in experience will be imposed in the forcoming years. At that moment we have left to our University and our students a broad expectrum of how this is done with our multimedia material recorded since 1999.

Modelo de Kolb

When professors will be on line 24 hours in our Universities, doctors will also be on line 24 hours with not further discussion of whether or not telemedicine have to be implemented and at what cost.

Pero cuidado en no fomentar una economia neoliberal al servicio de las empresas de caracter eminentemente practico dentro de la Universidad. Respetemos ante todo la libertad de cátedra y como tal la filosofía a la que se debe una Catedra UNESCO.

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