Health 4.0 & i2i era.

Ya dimos cuenta de la importancia de la innovacion inversa en sanidad . Aquí os dejamos nuestra publicacion al respecto la titulada “Health 4.0 & i2i-era” , os da idea del desarrollo de la innovacion inversa , y especificamente de los avances de nuestro grupo.

Nosotros hemos definido el concepto de Health 4.0 en el International Journal of Reliable and Quality E-Healthcare, 1(1), 43-57, January-March 2012 como: “Health 4.0 is integrated by four main innovations:

  • Applications that fulfill 3 criteria of availability:a) Anytime connections: On the move, indoors and outdoors, day & night.b) Anyplace connection: On the move, outdoors, indoors, at any PC.c) Anything connection: At any PC, H2H (human to human), H2T (human tothing), T2T (thing to thing).
  • Applications that include image enhancement & RFID readings to be use for:a) People→by faces recognition and access to relevant information (home,work, medical, HER, PHR, medical schedule…).b) Object→by use and by owner recognition.c) Food→by principle content & by diet requirements.d) Medication→by principle & by indication-contraindication.
  • Application that includes quality controlled Web 3.0 items such as:a) HCQ Health Care Quality: ISO 13485-ISO 2700 or security.b) 3S: Social-Semantic-Servicesc) Cloud accessing (SAAS, pCloud or personal cloud were the iPhone canbe included).
  • Applications taking Web 4.0 items such as:a) KBL o Knowledge base learning, including literature base learning (LBL),Evidence Based learning (EBL), trial base learning (TBL), Image basedlearning (IBL) etc…b) QBE o Query by example, including query by image (QBI) etc…c) CoLD or Cloud of link data with Artificial intelligence.”

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