WikiProject Medicine, Where is Health 4.0 .

WPM is defined in his web page as a place where people interested in medical and health content on Wikipedia can discuss things, collaborate, or debate related issues. With arround 150 millons viewer per month.

The project was commented inside of the British Medical Journal with the following words: “  In January 2011, members of WikiProject Medicine published an article about the intricacies, strengths, and weaknesses of Wikipedia as a source of health information and compared it with other medical wikis. 

The claimed usage of Wikiproject Medicine is just under half of the 362 million monthly viewers of its parent Wikipedia, which is now the sixth most popular site on the internet. This seems set to rise if search engines such as Google continue to show this site at the top of search results and with an upcoming iPhone application that will make it even more convenient and accessible.

 The systems include grading of article quality and importance, a set of referencing guidelines for authors, and links to PubMed Plus and PubMed

Of special interest are other medical Wikis such as GANFYD that is open to all but only editable by register Medical Doctors.

Due to the lack of knowledge of ICT and Health 4.0 or in other words IoE (internet of everything) in the medical environment , it will be essential to bring a Wiki project on Health 4.0 to open the mind of doctors, patients and consumers in general for the benefits of users and healthcare in general. Including knowledge of clinical trials in which eHealth or Telemedicine is an essential element for treatment or control.

Those principles are not guided by innovators or techalcoholic, are guided by the common sense and push everywhere as stated in the paper about ” Five lessons for Leaders to Improve Community Health”. Lack of knowledge of those principles limited healthcare on being active in the  NET NEUTRALITY principles  essential in the Healthcare of the XXI century.

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