G-band & Reverse innovation

G-BANDS or graphene-infused rubber bands will be the democratization of the wearable sensors due to the low cost of the devices.

With the cost of cents of the euro is a clear example of a REVERSE INNOVATION and probably in a newer future an example of DIY (do it yourself).

It is created with a simple method to infuse liquid-exfoliated graphene into natural rubber to produce conducting composites. These materials are excellent strain sensors displaying 104-fold increases in resistance and working at strains exceeding 800%. The sensitivity is reasonably high, with gauge factors of up to 35 observed.  More importantly, these sensors can effectively track dynamic strain, working well at vibration frequencies of at least 160 Hz. At 60 Hz, that could monitor strains of at least 6% at strain rates exceeding 6000%/s. Therefore can be used for bodily motion sensors, effectively monitoring joint and muscle motion as well and breathing and pulse.

Whether this will be presented in fancy solutions is a matter of whillignes.

Fantacy Xiaomi bracelet
Fantacy Xiami bracelet


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