Hazards due to insuficient training

The number of hazards due to insuficient training and understanding of Health and Healthdevices managed in an IT environment is enormous…

How to introduce extremly potent technology in your everyday Healthcare system if you do not know the risks?

Think of it….

  • in April XP-Windows will not be upgraded and supported and almost all automatic cash machines are base on Windows XP…
  • medical people require years to get trained in robotic surgery
  • the DPO Data Protection Officer will be mandatory shortly.
  • top risk in Medical devices is the bad design an maintainance alert risk.
  • lack of IT problem-solving skills.
  • if telemetric tools are wireless and mobile risk manage have to be understood.
  • Health 4.0 include anywhere-anytime-anything health support…..etc.

All this problems can be addressed studying Telemedicine body of knowledge  during the Faculty training.

One of the main problems to update and introduce this knowledge is that:

  1. is not recognized among the Unesco codes of Science ( not in Medicine- not in Technology). Meaning that UN codes have to be updated.
  2. in Medicine this basic knowledge affect all specialities and science for that reason it should be tought separatly( is like a physiology, or similar to biophysics…).
  3. it is a transversal knowledge that do have a Body of Knowledge (BoK).

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