INDIVIDUALOME: The dashboard of health small data.

INDIVIDUALOMA MODEL have been defined. It captures temporal, categorical and continuous data elements about a patient from various biomedical, health care, wellness, social and environmental data streams. Initiatives to capture and integrate health, biomedical, multi-omic and clinical data, using a unified data model would help us to design precise, data-driven CDS and enable precision medicine as part of routine clinical practice in the near future.

As published and stated in several posts, this is just the dashboard of the personal Health Small Data (pHSD) that belong to the individual patient or not, and that should be shared whenever necesary to either their PHAs (personal health assistants) or to the Medical personell with permission of the patient.

Most of this data should be capture and processed in real time to detect risk factors that in many cases are build with joining multiple parameters and should be processed with Machine Learning tools to detect deviations of their homeostasis and normal pattern that each individual should have. The requirements of inmediate processing and respond require the presence in place of the HealthFOG (hFOG).


Images from:  Khader Shameer et al. Brief Bioinform 2016;bib.bbv118.  

This dashboard could be enhanced using open source Graph data bases that allow easy understanding of complex situations.Individualoma-2



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