Data Analytics in Healthcare

Three types of data analytics can be provided in Healthcare

  1. Retrospective analytics is used to identify the problem.
  2. Predictive analytics is used to prevent the problem using  a series of bayesian decision trees as it is classical in healthcare together with protocols.
  3. Prospective analytics that merge both identifying and preventing according to the selected choice generating advices based on evidence based medicine (EBM). This type of analytics can be introduce in the workflow and follow up of the patient advising the next medical intervention or tigger and alarm.

Nevertheless it is obvious that even to rely on EBM every person reacts completly different and respond in a different manner. That is the reason why retrospective & predictive could be based on EBM, but prospective should be build together with the individual patient in his individual situation, taking into account all an Holistic Medicine that include social interaction, food, brevage, medication, activity, psychological, stress, infections, concomitant diseases, familiar, hygienic and life organization.

This cannot properly done collecting information from several environments (it is tedious, inefficient and inconsistent). It has to be done on time taking data directly from patient without interfiering their normal life (non-intrusive sensors) and processed with machine learning techniques quick and power enought to deliver triggers to their healthcare assistants that happens to be nurses, taking the role or PHAs (personal health assistants) to finally give rise a Participative Medicine in which both patient and care-givers are in the same side trying to improve the preventive medicine .

That is the data management phylosophy on which HUMANIZATION OF HEALTHCARE is based and this cannot be done without Health Small Data (HSD) that is coming and belongs to costumers or patients.

Health Small Data in H2O
Health Small Data in H2O

Nowadays the technology is available to enter through wireless sensors the whole data required in Holistic Medicine and this type of medicine is better understood an undertaken by nurses that by doctors that are focused in retrospective analytics to identify the problem and give a treatment.

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