The Interactive hospital or iHospital is a reality now in Denmark… of course. And with CETREA, using real time location tracking of all human resources and devices.

The system track clinical staff and mobile equipment on a room-level granuality. The location of staff and equipment is shown on large interactive displays. This real-time location system (RTLS) is based on technology from Sonitor.

The treatment of each patient involves a number of doctors and nurses who all need to be coordinated and kept up to date. With a quick look at strategically placed, large touch screen displays, staff can now locate each other without having to call around, disturbing others unnecessarily, in their search. The locating solution is installed in work related rooms in the emergency ward. To protect the staff’s right to privacy, rooms that are not relevant are not covered and the location data is not stored.


  • 9.3% reduction in clinical staff during the period
  • 7.03% increase in production (no. of patients)
  • Overall, clinicians became 19% more productive
  • Increased security for the patient and improved patient treatment quality
  • In total, 6,400 hours saved, equivalent to 4 FTE
  • Return on Investment (ROI) in 2 years
  • Reduction of stress, interruptions, and noisy calls

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