PHA in Health 4.0

Healthcare is now a days creating numerous challenges due to the support and prevention shortage linked to an outdated system delivery

It requires an integrated care to manage simultaneously primary care, specialized care, social support tools, treatment innovations, specialization of centres, ambulance transport, home care, pharmaceutical resources…

The population is becoming older, waiting list are increasing particularly on those “old people´s pathologies” (catarats, reumathology, cardiology…). Furthermore  advances in treatment are limited to a specific centers, administrative complexity is increasing and some times posses life-threats to people i.e. problems in transborder healthcare in emergency.

To be accompany, to be helped, to be relax because you trust on the best solutions for your health and your money is the solid reason why a PHA (Personal Health Assistant) is an enormous help for any one capable to pay the services 24/7, that in addition help users to mantain an active and healthy life for them and their relatives.

This service to coordinate all resources at a lower cost will be provided by private insurance companies because public health is not prepared. It is obvious that this model should be exported to public health to assure integrated care an avoid privatization of public health.

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