Crowdsourcing among clinicians

If the Faculties of Medicine would face the new outcoming trends, they will introduce telemedicine and visual programming as one of the most essential items for medicine in the forcoming years. This will allow to really improve medicine for the patients, will allow crowdsourcing by the clinicians a series of good-build solutions for patients apps that will connect with the EHR via standardized protocols such as FHIR/OAuth/REST, that empower transactional systems that also can incoorporate existing and proved Artificial Intelligence (AI) proved programs into the everyday routine. fhir_architecture Easy to program 5 essential applications to control at distance and on which telehealth monitoring have demonstrate their advantages: 1.- Heart monitoring  2.- Blood pressure control in dayly live. 3.- Diabetes control 4.- Presciption compliance and control including anticoagulant treatment. 5.- Sleep apnea.

Digital Skills

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