Brands in Digitalhealth (DH). Best programms 2016.

Good article to summarize at the end of the year the future of Digital Health (DH) since big brands consider it for investment and development:

  1. INTEL- DH for diagnosis, treatment and health delivery.
  2. IBM-personalized medicine
  3. GOOGLE- googleX
  4. QUALQOM- 2net
  5. MICROSOFT- Connected Health & Blue Print
  6. SAMSUNG- Digital Health Innovation Lab
  7. APPLE- HealthKit
  8. PHILIPS- Healthsuit Digital Platform
  9. AMAZON- DH retailer

Let us pin-point the best programs according to our opinion:

a) Philipis:  eConsultant – SNF of skill nursing facilities and  eIAC of intensive ambulatory care.

b) IBM health unit: Watson Health Cloud with Apple (healthkit-research kit), J&J And Medtronic, to take advantage on the data obtain from wearables and mobile-based coaching systems to help patients before or after surgery as well as new health apps targeting chronic conditions.

c) Microsoft- Imagine Care: Cortana analytics & digital personal assistant.

d) Intel-Microsoft – Open FOG consortium.

e) Amazon-Alibaba healthcare alliance to provide new digital health “retail platform”.

What do you find in common in most DH initiatives? I will tell you… they arise out of healthcare environment or medical knowledge. Nothing good will arise untill the nurses-doctors-healthworkers do not change their training into DH. Because health should be in the hands of healthworkers.

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