Consumer trends and Health 4.0

According to Eriksson the 10 consumer trends for 2016 listed in the image below.


do affect the Healthcare.

1.- CROWDINTELLIGENCE will affect patient behaviour and promote patient associations for specific diseases.

2.- STREEMING NATIVES will ask for on line or store-forward healthcare based on HD video. What is know as a Talking-Telemedicine(TT).

3.-AI ENABLE OBJECT INTERACTION (no screening will be necesary) this will asure non-intrusive wearables for healthcare.

4.- SENSING HOME that will approach the Holistic Medicine taking into account the environment in the Health.

5.- EMERGENCY CHAT will be one of the first introduction to complement or substitute 112.

6.- INTERNABLES for many health data sensors.

7.- HACKER that in health that will be part of the DIY (Do it yourself) phylosophy.

8.- SHARE INFORMATION will allow to access innovation treatments and trials.

We are approaching the Health 4.0 with health support anytime, anywhere, anyhow, anything.