Goldman Sachs partially agreed with our project of healthcare.

A year before H2O – Humanization of Healthcare fixed and presented the future of Healthcare. It is in coincidence with the S-E-N-S-E framework of what should be the Internet of the things, except in one point: the requirement of a HealthFog at the end of the Network that furthermore is carrying intelligent decisions.

S-E-N-S-E framework
Goldman Sachs

We will summarize here, the strictly demand for a HealthFog (HFog) :

1.- Data obtained by the wearables is sensitive data of health that belong to the patient/consumer, it cannot enter directly to the network. Will enter upon the agreedment of the user and filtered.

2.- This is raw-data collected exclusively for the interest of the patient/consumer, only pre-procesed data that is a harm or of interest for p-medicine particularly in its preventive role should be shared with their health coaching people that we build in a pool-of-nurses named PHAs (personal health assistants). Pre-processing is done in the HFog.

3.- Data is stored by the user except for the episodes that require intervention of the PHAs upon user permission which legacy is controlled in the HFog.

In summary: Internet of the things in the area of Healthcare require the H2O framework with the presence of HFog.