Small Data (SD) and wearables.

Some advantages should we face analyzing Small Data versus Big data.

Properties BIG DATA (comunities) SMALL DATA from wearables/person
VOLUMEN Terabytes to Pentabytes Megabytes.
VARIETY Data in many forms (structured, unstructured, text, multimedia) Structured and/or multimedia
VELOCITY Mostly data stored & pre-procesed. Data in motion (streaming data to make decision in accordance)
VERACITY Data uncertainty ( reliability & predictability of imprecise data types) Data certain, coming from one user and one device (range limited and data correlated)

Velocity is therefore the only bottle -neck and parallel processing for one or several devices/person that have to be correlated an essential demand.

The network that will take care of managing SMALL DATA, the so-called FOG is going to behave as an intelligent hospital not considering on it the Operating Room.

But as we defined Small Data belongs to the user and he/she is the one that could allow to share part or some for a specific reason. Not a minor issue considering that this data is now demanded in court trials.

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