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Small data the new Big data

In a recent interview Martin Lindstrom clearly explain what is Small data for: “Small Data is all about finding the causation, the reason why” is analyzing and predicting the future not taking care of the past. He also use to say: “If you take the top 100 biggest innovations of our time, perhaps around 60% to 65% […]

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i2i era. Research kit.

The coming era of human phenotyping. Nature Biotechnology. Volume: 33, Page: 567 Year published: (2015) DOI: doi:10.1038/nbt.3266 The Apple ResearchKit is a mobile platform that taps into the iPhone’s 700 million global users to find individuals interested in participating in human research studies. The first five apps included in the kit enable users to enroll in observational studies on Parkinson’s (mPower app), cardiovascular health […]

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Small Data (SD) and wearables.

Some advantages should we face analyzing Small Data versus Big data. Properties BIG DATA (comunities) SMALL DATA from wearables/person VOLUMEN Terabytes to Pentabytes Megabytes. VARIETY Data in many forms (structured, unstructured, text, multimedia) Structured and/or multimedia VELOCITY Mostly data stored & pre-procesed. Data in motion (streaming data to make decision in accordance) VERACITY Data uncertainty ( […]

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