DIY & Reverse Innovation in Colorimetry

We have already advanced a year ago how important is going to be the colorimetry to be able to diagnose pathologies.


“Colorimetry in dry blood sampling or in any kind of fluids allow an accurate and rapid diagnosis that can be used on health prevention and monitoring at hospital and at home. It is ideal in applications such as FOOD SAFETY, BIOTERRORISM, URINE ANALISIS, ENVIRONMENT MONITORING, IMMUNOASSAY & FOOD SAFETY”

Now it has been proven extraordinary usefull in detecting FAKE DRUGS for treatments in developing countries. An outstanding problem that can be easily detected by colorimetry.
Colorimetric analysis for fake drug detection
Colorimetric analysis for fake drug detection

Colorimetry is done with an iPhone app called ColorAssist that cost 0,83€.

It is just a matter of smartness to find out which  colorimetric reactions can be used to test  human parameters. DIY (Do it yourself).