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Free software & DIY

GNU Health and Free Software community : I implemented the lab module of GNU Health at the Medical Research Center in Franceville (Gabon). They do medical lab analyses for the population of Franceville. It has changed the face public health in this small city. People used to wait a few days before getting their lab […]

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DIY & Reverse Innovation in Colorimetry

We have already advanced a year ago how important is going to be the colorimetry to be able to diagnose pathologies. “Colorimetry in dry blood sampling or in any kind of fluids allow an accurate and rapid diagnosis that can be used on health prevention and monitoring at hospital and at home. It is ideal […]

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Innovators: Great entrepeneur bad manager.

Design thincking = Entrepreneurs <<–>>Management = Avoid uncertenties. Book of innovation. Try to know HOW customers try to solve the problem (give them the tools and see how do they use it) , in other words… let you DIY = do it yourself and provide them easier & more efficient solutions by adapting the process […]

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