Apple open software: Carekit

CareKit. Open source software development tool available in spring 2016 to build apps capable to handle your own health problems or your patients or costumers care issues. Up to now there are 4 modules:

CareCard: ideal for the care plans including exercise or medication. Symptom and measurement tracker: capable of recording from wearables several parameters such as temperature.. but also to enter by hand such as pain, etc. Insight Dashboard: for dayly follow up of all variables. Connect: tools for communication and data interchange among relatives, patients, doctors etc…The reason seams obvious, today innovation starts in the personal and private sector before it reaches small or medium enterprises. And in the case of healthcare it has to reach a “huge” enterprise.
Pending of patents, their also some problem with the name since  CareKit Health build with Microsoft Azure is a Toronto-area startup founded by a team of experienced entrepreneurs from the healthcare and IT spaces. CareKit has built a powerful platform for care coordination and home healthcare that integrates wearables, sensors, voice technology and intuitive mobile apps and desktop interfaces for patients, clinicians and healthcare administrators.

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