Data from trackers to EHR.

With My Carolinas Tracker application you get direct integration with more than 25 health trackers, 3 pulse oximeters, and 7 bluetooth blood pressure cuffs:

health-tracker-app-580x480health-tracker-app-2-580x481• Height, body weight, body fat percent, waist size, body mass index, and waist-to-height ratio by syncing with devices from Fitbit, iHealth, Medisana, Wahoo Fitness, and Withings. Steps by syncing with trackers from BodyMedia, Fitbit, iHealth, Jawbone, and Withings. Physical activities manually or by syncing with RunKeeper. Blood pressure by syncing with devices from iHealth, Medisana, and Withings. Glucose and diabetes by syncing to devices from Medisana or iHealth. Entries such as cholesterol can also be entered manually.

Carolinas HealthCare System utilizes Canopy as their electronic health record.

Stanford MyHealthStanford MyHealth-2My Health system from the Stanford University integrates data coming from Healthkit into EPICS EHR systems which is the most widely use in USA.

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