Google is fighting for “small data”

According to the huge interest demonstrated for Google in Health with his “Google Fit” what he is looking for is for “small data“. And the group of “small data” from EEUU has already approach Google years ago.

Nevertheless what The Small Data Lab @ CornellTech develops is new personal data open source APIs  and Apps for individual to harvest the small data traces they generate daily.

  • Ohmage is an advanced open-source participatory sensing platform for passively collecting your location and activity sensor data along with regular inquiry-driven surveys requiring your active input. Ohmage leverages the two datastreams in tandem to build sensemaking and prediction capabilities for any number of behaviors and conditions of interest.

  • In the case of online groceries, what you are cooking and eating at home.
  • Passive recorded data into a common platform (

To understand what it means people compares it with that organize all your bank accounts in just one place.

Very unfortunate comparison, I might say, because we lost the humanity in Healthcare. This is why our O&M H4 solution is based on PHA (personal health assistants).

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