Your PHA is your personal advicer as a lawyer in health issues.

We have been trained to take a lawyer advice for important issues in our life. The council of a lawyer is essential to assure your rights are not surpassed, and to prevent bad consequences of not taking adequate decisions. Is your life, but you are not an expert on all legal aspects.

Now use the sentence for your PERSONAL HEALTH ASSISTANT (PHA), ussualy a well trained nurse in a medical team taking a personal care of you 24/7 in health issues:  You are not yet trained but should be trained in the future to take a PHA advice for important issues in your live. The council of a PHA is essential to assure your rights are not surpassed in the healthcare assistance, and to prevent bad consequences of not taking adequate decisions on your health. Is your life, but you are not an expert on all health aspects.

You see…. it works in the same way… just training-functions-activities are different, but commitment is the same. We are not talking of legal aspects but of confort and health aspects, they are your “GUARDIAN ANGELS”.


Stock Photo by Sean Locke


I will make you an example:

For some reason you ended in an ER (Emergency room). Separated from your family environment, your are there as in a prison. You should have the right to have at least one phone-call with your “health-guardian angel”, in this case your PHA. He/She should be recognized in the healthcare delivery being appointed by your insurance company (IC)  to assure that your health is in the best condition.

Your IC-PHAs (like a “health-guardian angel”) is able to provide to the ER not only you PHR (personal health record) but your latest vital signs, your latest health status, your recent trips, and your recent blood analysis. None of those issues could be provided by you in an ER due to your ill situation and neither by your family since they are not doctors. Is just your “health-guardian angel” who is taking care of you. Your family can be relax, you are in the best hands, and actions taken with you should be informed to your “health-guardian angel” (PHAs).

If during your stay in the hospital, anything wrong happens, your “health-guardian angel” will be there. But more important, if you will be discharged from the ER or after a hospital stay or intervention you should call your “health-guardian angel” to assure that he (and you) understand the care you should be taken at home, frequency and quality of treatment. But not only this, it is essential to assure that when your discharge is planned, responsible people will call your “health-guardian angel”, or even better an electronic alarm is automatically display on you PHA computer. Your PHA will assure that the discharge is done without delay and inconveniences for the you. Many of you have experienced ER discharges signed by the doctor at one point that have been lost for hours avoiding the patient to come back home in better conditions.

This is a service that I am willing to pay (W2P) to my IC for my personal relax and safety.

And this is not all, then comes the PHAs in the everyday life as we mention previously in our HUMANIZATION OF HEALTHCARE – H2O project.