Minimal Disruptive Medicine (MDM)

“Good decision making requires familiarity with decision-relevant facts”

The MCC GEMS app (Multiple Chronic Conditions in Geriatric conditions) is a FREE APP launch by the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ), the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) to assist providers to bring an optimal care for patients with multimorbility.

MCC-GEMSIt is evidence based (EB) as it is derived from the AGS multimorbidity guidelines.  The guideline is derived from an expert panel so clearly there is a level of “expert opinion” . The app does include a number of excellent evidence based tools including the Mini-Cog screen for dementia, the Vulnerable Elders Assessment (VES-13) and the Patient Health Questionnaires 2 and 9 (PHQ-2, PHQ-9) along with several others.

The MCC GEMS App is patiente centric and take into account their preferences, realistic goals, in an evidence based statistics, containing a Multiple evidence based geriatric assessment calculators. It accesses to the entire AGS guideline on multimorbidity and has the ability to search the AHRQ Guidelines Clearinghouse from within the app with mobile friendly results.

It is therefore a MINIMAL DISRUPTIVE MEDICINE (MDM), that is an Effective care that fits! and  seeks to advance patientgoals for health, health care, and life, using effective care programs designed and implemented in a manner that respects the capacity of patients and caregivers and minimizes the burden of treatment – the healthcare footprint – the care program imposes on their lives.

An excellent application not very well designed for caregivers that contain almost all relevant issues to minimize and avoid overtreatment.

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