pCell technology

pCell is the tech that will speed up phone connections by 1000. It is based in the previous DiDo (distributed Input- Output) technology . DIDO is cloud-based and successfully tested at frequencies from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.

Artemis Research founded by Steve Pellman is the company behind.

The pCell technology works in all mobile bands, as well as in unlicensed spectrum — such as 900 MHz in the Americas — sharing spectrum with other unlicensed devices. Standard LTE devices can run at full LTE speed throughout pCell coverage areas, and they can hand off to conventional cellular where there’s no pCell coverage. ISPs can deploy pCell far faster and at lower cost than conventional cellular, using base stations called “pWave radios” instead of building cell towers. Those stations can be placed anywhere convenient.

It seams that it will be deployed by the first time in San Francisco this year 2014.

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