Ultrasound micromachines.

The US and particularly the 3D-US is facing an enormous revolution.  Georgia Tech university has developped chip only 1.4 mm across that integrates a capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT) with all the necessary electronics.


It is able to produce 3D ultrasound images at 60 frames per second and the limit for the Hand-Held US devices in 3D has been broken.

We will be able to produce Virtual Sonography with hand held devices and the diagnosis at distance is going to be a reality.

This include distant diagnosis and treatment of TIA in the acute cerebrovascular episodes.

The developped chip was designed to be an IVUS (Intravascular Ultra Sound) device, but just demonstrate the miniaturization capability of the US-probes for Hand held devices as we previously explained.

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