Health 4.0 in the IoE (Internet of everything)

We are now from the IoT (Internet of Things) to the IoE (Internet of Everything) that will deploy Health 4.0 and Healthcloud as soon as healthcare get re-organized.

Let me explain you the situation:

In the IoT we reach the semantic web, the M2M solutions and the BYOD (bring your own device), the WoT (web of things) and is directly linked to Health 3.0.

In the IoE we bring together people, process, data and things. Is part of the IoE  the whole Internet of Things, a complete mobility with UID (unique device indentifiers) and “always on” PoC (point of contacts), the cloud computing (not only the cloud but the intelligent cloud computing) and the Big Data. It is the SDN (software device networking) era and therefore the SDx. It is in summary the base of Health 4.0 but unfortunatly it is still lacking of many of their standards, particularly the Healthcloud registration and autorization bodies which are essential.

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