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Health 4.0 and Industry 4.0

­ We have already introduce the differences between MACHINE LEARNING (ML) and DEEP LEARNING (DL) in our previous post.  The first require programming to encode the information the second is unsupervised. ML- MACHINE LEARNING can identify normal conditions, abnormal conditions, and exactly match patterns that indicate degradation and impending process excursions or asset failure well […]

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WHO: Social determinants in health. Real Life Evidence.

The World Health Organization (WHO) created the Commission on Social Determinants of Health to address social determinants of health. The Commission uses the following three principles to guide its work in eliminating health inequities for local communities and nations and throughout the world: Improve the conditions of daily life—the circumstances in which people are born, […]

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Wiring and pissed off

Or the spanish translation “cableado y cabreado” which has a better rima. Everyone will agree that we cannot live wich such a paraphernalia of wearables that bring us to become distracted, laziness or better procastrinators. Health 4.0 with wearables and healthcare anytime, anything, anywhere, anyhow will not be available untill non-intrusive forgetable wearables will be in […]

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