Small Health Data: pDDDMH. Personal Data Driven Decision making in Healthcare

In several post we have discuss the use and mean of the IoT data coming from medical or tracking devices. This Small Health Data belonging to the user and which main use have to be to help the user to be in better health and to prevent any disease or health complication.

Data Decision Support Management
Data Decision Support Management

In other words this is personal data that can be used on streaming mode to help user and particularly PHAs (personal health assistants) to get pDDDMH = “personal Data Driven Decision Making in Healthcare” to prevent deseases and complications.

This is not BIG DATA although it might be possible to have similar data analytic processes which interactive dashboards & insights are carry out by PHAs and those decisions bringing a differences to the user must be “suggested” personally by the PHAs by videoconference, phone calls or face-to-face.

Several differences distinguish the analytic process:

  1. Is in a streaming mode.
  2. Might require a quick feed-back since it might be sometimes a health emergency.
  3. Is private and personal data, therefore under the new GDPR in the EU [This represent to fulfill a SLA contract (service level of agreedment) and to have a DPO (data protection officer) ].
  4. Decisions do not reach the user (unless specifically required).
  5. Involve a contract 3er party capable to provide personal care in case of health-relevant situations.

A quality & stability of data is an essential premise. It has to be not only encrypted but also not manipulated and therefore a chain of trust should be involved.

Similarly to Big Data the Small Data do fulfill the 5Vs: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Verification & Value. The difference… “the value” which is not a general value but a user’s personal value.

Only in the FOG or in the EDGE of the Cloud this processes are possible.

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