Health 3.0 and Big Data

The experts (but not the doctors) widely talk of Health 3.0 and link it to BIG DATA and CHRONIC DISEASE.

Maturity Health 3.0-a_edited

Nevertheless the real improvement is with HEALTH 4.0 and SMALL DATA since this is the only one centered in the “USER” and not in the “patient” to prevent and improve citizens health by connecting personal data with Web 4.0 innovations (a) KBL o Knowledge base learning, including literature base learning (LBL),Evidence Based learning (EBL), trial base learning (TBL), Image basedlearning (IBL) etc…b) QBE o Query by example, including query by image (QBI) etc…c) CoLD or Cloud of link data with Artificial intelligence ).

This will achieve a personal care taking into account global healthcare facilities.



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