Wiring and pissed off

Or the spanish translation “cableado y cabreado” which has a better rima.

Cableado y cabreadoWellness

Everyone will agree that we cannot live wich such a paraphernalia of wearables that bring us to become distracted, laziness or better procastrinators.

Health 4.0 with wearables and healthcare anytime, anything, anywhere, anyhow will not be available untill non-intrusive forgetable wearables will be in the market. Furthermore with QoM (Quality of measurements) or at least what will be more probable consistent individual measurements capable to be used for personal and electronic prevention and coaching.

In other words promote wellness instead of non-wellness, and Real Live Evidence (RLE) instead of biassed MBE (Medicine based evidence).

This is just one leg of the problem, the second leg is the indivudual support. No way to use personal data in the healthcare system up to now. Doctors do not know what to do with it, and individuals don’t either. Or artificial intelligence is in between wearables and healthcare or not much are we going to improve.

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