Breast genetic test. Forget about chemotherapy.

The winer of the Novel of Innovation 2015 that is the European Inventor contest 2015 Laura van ’t Veer is the one that with 70 genes study can determine the “genetic print” of the tumor. The so call “mama print” test.

Mama print test

Ancient criteria of prognosis based on size, location or receptors is now surpased by the genetic print. With it one can determined if the tumor has or hasn´t spread capabilities and therefore almost 70% of the cases do not require chemotherapy treatments. The test is indicated for:

  • Breast Cancer Stage 1 or Stage 2
  • Invasive carcinoma (infiltrating carcinoma)
  • Tumor size ≤5.0 cm
  • Lymph node negative
  • Estrogen receptor positive (ER+) or Estrogen receptor negative (ER-)
  • HER2/neu: negative or positive
  • Women of all ages


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