Before medical school: Programming and computer skills. 4th Literacy


Doctors in the near future are going to need many different skills than the doctors of today. An understanding of technology will be imperative. They will need to learn programming and computer skills well before the start of medical school. Programming will become the fourth literacy along with reading, writing (which may vanish) and arithmetic.”

This explain in the article ROBOTS in HEALTHCARE is an essential premise.

Do not forget that the main cause of death are medical errors similarly that the main cause of traffic deaths are human errors. If we accept that driveless cars will decrease traffic accidents, we must accept that robotic healthcare must reduce medical errors.

The question of who will be liable is something goes wrong, is similar to the one we raise many years ago. Who will be liable if the line falls when practicing a distant robotic surgery? Who is liable if the network breaks meanwhile you are treating or visiting a patient with you EHR?

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This is the serios, very serious I may say requirement for the new trained doctors. The 4th literacy must be in place for those that in the future will practice medicine.

What is the Academia doing about it. Just the oposite. Take into account our university. The ULL have had a Master in Bioingeneering and Telemedicine and an optional topic approved by the governement on Telemedicina and e-health. What does it have now? Nothing. No master, no training for doctors. This is the result of the BR-big recession. We loose years of innovation and nobody cares.

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