Open Source in Health care. Where is telemedicine?

Open source list of applications and tools of extraordinary interest have been published recently.

Four main development require our attention

  1. From our friend Luis Falcon from Las Palmas, the  inspiring work that GNU Health and its nonprofit organization, GNU Solidario, is doing to bring a free (GNU Public Licensed) hospital information system to rural areas and developing countries.
  2. The ClinCapture  for EDC (Electronic Data Capture system).
  3. The Wiki Project Med (WPM) to improve the quality of medical content.
  4. The transformative role that VistA, the world class open source solution for electronic health records in primary care. OSEHRA VistA is licensed under the Apache 2.0 Open Source License. That means the source code for the entire system is available to the public free of charge.

    We should never forget that an Open Source EHR provide

    • Lower life cycle cost
    • The reliability of a proven solution
    • Reduced risk of obsolescence
    • The ability to improve your system without waiting for the next proprietary product release
    • A dynamic, free platform for development
    • For developers and integrators, there a is growing market for installation, customization, and support services

    But particularly the case of the WPM require a complement since a specific Wiki on telemedicine projects demonstrated sucessfull and available for other users should be listed, evaluated and considered.