MQTT or Message queing Telemetry Transport

The “SCADA protocol” and the “MQ Integrator SCADA Device Protocol” (MQIsdp) are both old names for what is now known as the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT). The protocol has also been known as “WebSphere MQTT” (WMQTT), though that name is also no longer used.
MQTT enables devices to send and receive alerts and data when significant events occur, allowing for flexible information flow from “many to many” instead of just “one to one.” Independent producers and subscribers allow developers to collect data from multiple devices and then provide the information to many subscribers.
An integration platform using MQTT can give developers the ability to connect any type of device to any type of application. Eurotech’s Everyware Cloud is one example of an M2M integration platform that transforms bits of data at the edge of the distributed device network into valuable actionable information in the business user’s hands. The Everyware Cloud is acomprehensive solution that provides the functional elements needed to perform the appropriate message transformation, message routing, protocol conversions, data normalization, service virtualization, tracking, accounting, administration and lifecycle management of the distributed devices .

  Taken from WDD wireless.

In March 2013, MQTT was in the process of undergoing standardisation at OASIS. The protocol specification has been openly published with a royalty-free license for many years, and companies such as Eurotech (formerly known as Arcom) have implemented the protocol in their products.

In November 2011 IBM and Eurotech announced their joint participation in the Eclipse M2M Industry Working Group and donation of MQTT code to the proposed Eclipse Paho project.

The specification and other documentation are available via the Documentation page. Ask questions via one of the methods on the Community page. Try code via one of the projects on the Software page. Also in Eclipse page.Figure 4: M2M Integration Platform Functional Elements

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