Innovators: Great entrepeneur bad manager.

Design thincking = Entrepreneurs <<–>>Management = Avoid uncertenties.

Book of innovation.

Try to know HOW customers try to solve the problem (give them the tools and see how do they use it) , in other words… let you DIY = do it yourself and provide them easier & more efficient solutions by adapting the process and finding the right tools.

It will always be a REVERSE INNOVATION.

In other words and in Health 4.0, give the user IoT tools and see how they use it to solve their problems. Afterwords get prepare to manage the channel and the things to avoid the uncertity that DIY produce and keep it in the Reverse Innovation arena.

As you can see is just the opposite of what Telemedicine inniciatives provide. They manage first and find or build expensive tools to solve health management in the way they think it should be.

Fortunatly Health 4.0 and IoE (internet of everything) bring the tools directly to the users and they teach us how to manage healthcare.

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