New DIY Analytics

At the present moment Microsoft Analytics or Google Analytics or any Machine Learning applications can be carried out by yourself with some of the existing indexes and tools such as:

  • LACE index that accuratly predict high risk readmision of CHF (chronic heart faillure) within 30 days after hospital discharge.
Total LACE score = L-score + A-score + C-score + E-score 0–4 Low, 5–9 Moderate, > 9 High Risk

L-score is Lenght of stay

A-score is Accuity of admission

C-score is Comorbilities

E-score is Emergency department visits

Better predictors of high risk readmissions among CHF patients may be 1) number of previous emergency department visits, 2) history of myocardial infartion, 3) and/or history of periferal vascular disease.

RED toolkit