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I implemented the lab module of GNU Health at the Medical Research Center in Franceville (Gabon). They do medical lab analyses for the population of Franceville. It has changed the face public health in this small city. People used to wait a few days before getting their lab results. Now they get their results just after a few hours. And I can tell you it can make a difference between staying alive or dying because the doctor will not be able to make a correct assessment of the medical status of the patient on time.

Gabon training
Medical Research Centre in Fraceville. Gabon.

A number of other health institutions are very much interested in implementing GNU Health and I’ll make sure that each and every health professional has heard about GNU Health. I am working on a strategy that will ensure that a huge number of them can test the system using the Demo version on DVD. It is indeed very difficult to access the demo version online.

On behalf of all those who you are serving: the communities of Africa and of the world, the voiceless people, and who don’t even know that you exist, I say: Thank you, Muchas Gracias

Kind regards, Mr. Armand Mpassy-Nzoumbato


This make the difference whether it is hardware or software that can be managed by themselves at a low cost in a productive REVERSE INNOVATION in which the UNESCO Chair of Telemedicine is involved with.

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