Humanization of Healthcare. I H2O Summit

We presented at the University of La Laguna together with Caja Siete the I Summit of the H2O project settle on the Health 4.0 and Fog premises.

I Summit en la ULL
Fernando Berge, Olga Ferrer, Eduardo Domenech, Nelida Rancel













This is based in 4 premises:

  1.  Health FOG: capable of managing and non-storing small data coming from wearable devices
  2. Non-intrusive wearable devices and food-drug controlers.
  3. Pool of Personal Health assistants (PHA) for you helped by the electronic PHAs (e-PHAs) trained to detect alarms processed by nurses and provided by your insurance companies. They will act as facilitators for the Integrated Health care.
  4. Global Health Brain (GHB), containing information of advanced & personal medicine treatments covered by the world wide insurance companies in the project.

Proposals in total agreedment with the Accenture guidance of the healthcare investments priorities.

In the meeting  that will be helt in Mare Nostrum Resort on the 13th and 14th of February 2015, 20 scientists, Universities, Insurance companies and SMEs are represented from the whole EU.

I Summit H2O 2015
I Summit H2O 2015

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