Health-AI thanks to wearables.

To process small data provided by wearables will be the start in the explosion of AI (artificial intelligence) in Healthcare.


A list of systems based on it is not extensive up to now but solid enough:

Machine learning focus on prediction and based on neuronal networks and with open libraries such as GITHUB. Evaluate the ability to reproduce known knowledge. This is the case of LUMIATA that can interface with wearables to automatically interpret constumers´physiliogical data. More sofisticated will be the Google X nanoparticles circulating in the blood stream and check for cancer diagnosis, heart attach or ictus; this data is measured by external wearables. Similarly NUTEC (Nanoscale Unbiased TExtured Capture) which signature is detected by an algorithm based in machine learning. This include the H2O vision of using non-intrusive wearable to inderectly determine (walking, sitting, chewing, moving or interacting) essential healthy life parameters (mood, physical reaction, energy level, even context). But also to evaluate consumers´emotions such as BRANDEMOTION. Or Prescription adhesion with VITALITY.

Intelligent agents (study and design) able to carry out visual perception, speech recognition, and decision-making.

Data Mining focus on discovering unknow properties of the data itself.

Who is teaching all this concepts to the medical doctors?. An urgent update of medical traning is required because IBM Watson Analitics is already open to everyone.