Telemedicine regulations by FSMB

On the Federation of States Medical Boards (FSMB) in USA the SMART (State Medical Board´s Appropiate Regulations for Telemedicine) have approved Telemedicine regulations that, for the first time, acknowledged that TELEMEDICINE consultations between physician and patient were EQUIVALENT TO IN-PERSON consultations as long as the interaction was done via VIDEOCONFERENCE.

The only mistake, in the section 4 that says: Practice of telemedicine occurs WHERE THE PATIENT is located at the time telemedicine technology are used.

This enter in contradiction with all international laws of e-commerce and the theory by which a telemedicine consultations is a TRANSPORTATION OF THE PATIENT where the doctor is located. Furthermore this posses a lot of administrative problems for the doctors, particularly in transborder support and medical help.

The ATA  also send several recommendations, including the Section 4 statement by other considerations.

I hope the EU will follow this regulation but ammended the e-commerce statement 4 law and particularly will enforce Universities to include extensive training for the forcoming medical doctors to do telemedicine with QoC (quality of care).

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