The new Patient is the ePatient 2015.

This is not an evolution of the average population which Health Care Literacy is summarized as follows by the HLS-EU or the Health Literacy survey of the EU carried out by Kristine Sorensen, clearly explaining why Nederlands is one of the most advanced countries implementing telemedicina and eHealth.

In fact the so called  ePatient 2015 will be much more advanced in Information Technologies that the majority of doctors and health care workers, and will be developped in 3 main areas according to the authors of the book .

HEALTH HYPEREFFICIENCY. Innovations in computing technologies are helping to make health and medical care more efficient, safe and effective for all patients. With 3 subdivisions

  1. Empathetic Interfaces or human friendly interfaces
  2. Unhealthy Surveillance or undesirable access to our data of healthcare by many providers
  3. Predictive Psychohistory or prediction of the behaviour of the patient due to their previous life/history

THE PERSONALIZED HEALTH A philosophical and operational shift that considers the unique genetics, behaviors and medical histories of individuals instead of treating them based on inflexible or non-personalized guidelines and traditions. We have 9 possibilities in this area:

  1. The Over-Quantified Self or providing input or telemetry from an extensive number of wearable devices.
  2. Medical Genealogy having access to all genetic information of oneself and the familly.
  3. Augmented Nutrition
  4. Healthy Real Estate to design the environment according healthy life.
  5. The Device Divide consequence of the Digital divide and socio-economic constrains.
  6. Multicultural Misalignment directly linked to the economic neoliberalism where minorities will not have access.
  7. Natural Medicine derived by the non ethical behaviour of pharma industry, genetic modify meals or drug resistance.
  8. MicroHealth Rewards
  9. Neuro-Influence Mapping

DIGITAL PEER-TO-PEER HEALTHCARE. A range of Web, social and mobile tools are helping patients collaborate on things like navigating the new health insurance landscape, selecting providers, assisting in their own care and providing emotional support. Based on 3 main achievements.

  1. CareHacking to copy, implement and improve easy solution demostrated by others.
  2. Accelerated Trial-Sourcing, to search and achieve clinical trials capable of solving diseases and cancer.
  3. Virtual Counseling to get counceling at distance not only from doctors but from other ePatients.

What we really do not know at the present moment is how many inhabitans will achieve the status of ePatient 2015 based on Health Literacy and Socio-economical constrains.


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