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Design Privacy in the IoE

Europe have insisted on the requirement of DESIGN PRIVACY for wearable devices, meaning that the configuration in origin have to have activated the maximum protection to the user and the tools to decrease or avoid the protection that is left to the user. This is just the opossite situation that exist nowadays in which wearable […]

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Marchovian decision for quantify self.

We are talking about the  Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes (POMDP) use by the MIT to check and test the “health” of the drones during missions. But the fact is equally applicable to quantify self decision making for human health.  Each node represents a probability distribution, or the likelihood of a given outcome. And the […]

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Big Data versus Small Data

  Big Data and Small Data are not comparable. Here we include a series of differences stablished by one of us (Ferrer-Roca O.) that are not complete and from which we appreciate any input. Characteristics BIG DATA SMALL DATA Belongs to Governement/State Individuals/Patient Anonimized YES NO Encripted NO YES Processed in The Cloud The Fog […]

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