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Small data the new Big data

In a recent interview Martin Lindstrom clearly explain what is Small data for: “Small Data is all about finding the causation, the reason why” is analyzing and predicting the future not taking care of the past. He also use to say: “If you take the top 100 biggest innovations of our time, perhaps around 60% to 65% […]

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Telemedicine payment- Japan model

One of the essential barriers for telemedicine care inside of National Health systems is the lack of policy for payment when seen patients at distance. In Japan according to a recent publication is not solved but addressed urgently and in a proper way considering the amount of elderly people in their population pyramid. 1.- Mantain […]

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HSD (health small data) & PGHD (patients generated health data).

New names for things that already exist and are defined and know by Health workers on IoT since years and used and exploited even by Google. We have defined HSD (Health Small Data) in contrast with Big Data, since the term of Small Data is already used in many other fields and in fact 2014 […]

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