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Welcome Fog computing, bye bye cloud computing

This is the tesis of Peter Levine that we agree with: Most of power computation will be carried out by IoTs in the Edge computing, particularly in Health. Changes of management and architecture have to drastically change in healthcare in order to allow personalized help and coaching in the HFOG with the use of a […]

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Open FOG and HFOG

The non profit association of the Open FOG CONSORTIUM recently born in Freemont,CA (November 19th, 2015) with ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Princeton University cooperations, stablished the requirements to solve the existing problems on computing-sensing-storage @ the EDGE OF THE NETWORK , such as: Connection losses Bottlenecks in bandwidth Excesive time communication with network nodes (latency). The FOG […]

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H2O covers the new 5 Trends in Healthcare

According to Accenture the new 5 Trends in Healthcare can be summarized as: TREND 1– Internet of Me. Your healthcare personalized. TREND 2– Outcome Economy. Hardware producing healthy results TREND 3– Platform (R)evolution: Defining ecosystems, redefining healthcare. TREND 4– Intelligent Enterprise: Huge data, smarter systems, better healthcare. TREND 5– Workforce reimagined: Collaboration at the intersection […]

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