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Intel’s Tiny Curie Wearable Computer

The tiny Interl processor for wearables prepared for miniaturized sensors. It will be available on the second half 2015. It is a SoC-System that include Chip Quark SE of 32 bits with 384 kN memory flash, 80kB of SRAM and Bluethooth 4.1 that is a low power sensor hub,a pattern-matching accelerator that allows for accurate […]

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IoE Bluetooth connectivity

Nowadays Bluetooth® SIG members implementing Bluetooth wireless technoogy into a product must complete a Declaration of Compliance (DoC) and a listing for the Qualify Design they built, changed, used or branded. End Product Listing (EPL) can only be created by Bluetooth® SIG members and EPL cannot be created by one member on behalf of another company. The DoC and Listing […]

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